Homeownership Is Still Affordable

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  1. Loan Pre-Approval. Before you start looking, know your purchase power...
  2. Work With A Realtor. There are many agents and Realtors, but make sure to choose one you trust...
  3. Define Your Search. Together with your Realtor, begin searching in your desired location...
  4. Write An Offer. Once you find the right home, write an offer with the help of your Realtor...
  5. Welcome Home. The moment you have been waiting for, congratulations on being a homeowner...

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DISCOVER YOUR PURCHASE POWER. The first step to finding the right home is knowing your financing options. Knowing your purchasing power is key. Lets connect and find the right loan.

CONNECT WITH A TRUSTED LENDER. Connect with one of our trusted lenders and ask questions. You are never obligated to use these lenders, however, it is a good place to start and ask questions and gather infomation. Click Here For Lender Information.

HOME BUYER INFORMATION  Whether you are buying your first home, selling a home in order to purchase your next, or looking for investment property, Alex Ortiz will help you with the process. Since 2004 Alex Ortiz has personally helped others in their real estate goals. Working with an experienced Realtor is among the first steps to finding the right home. The right Realtor will always ask the correct questions to insure they are always doing their best to meet your needs. Let's Connect 909-414-0684 or Click Here

Why Pre-Approval Is Key This Year

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